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We will consider an interesting software called Roulette Xpert within the framework of this article. The program is completely free, its main goal is to help roulette players. The author of Roulette Xpert wished to remain anonymous, only his name was published – Alexander.

Unlike most of the programs discussed in this section, this software does nothing criminal or illegal. According to the author, this is nothing more than a calculator and for the fact that we are not promised mountains of gold, I would like to say a special thank you. So, the user starts the program and starts playing in a test mode, collecting information about the dropped numbers on the roulette wheel, using one of the 5 proposed strategies.

The key benefit of using Roulette Xpert is its user-friendly software. All the player needs to do is click on the numbers that appear during the game. The program automatically keeps statistics and gives advice on which particular system is better to place bets on. This is supposed to help win roulette.

Why Roulette Xpert Is Needed

Roulette Xpert is built on very common misconceptions. As conceived by the author, the user should analyze the work of the RNG and this will help him determine which numbers appear more often. Which is fundamentally wrong, because if the random number generator has not undergone additional changes or manipulations, it is impossible to influence its operation.

The second mistake is known to everyone who has minimal experience with the game. To date, there is no betting system that allows the player to get an advantage. Yes, skeptics can say about the banal Martingale and the search for some kind of casino without an upper limit on rates and an unlimited bankroll, but this is nothing more than a myth.

Thus, using Roulette Xpert, you will not get any advantages over the casino. But if you like to spin roulette through betting systems and count the falling numbers – why not?

What Does The Author Want?

There are several options – either this brainchild is really developed by a programmer who does not understand enough gambling and is trying to make life easier for players or we are talking about a commercial project and trying to sell something useless to a victory 996 thai casino client for $ 50. The essence of Roulette Xpert remains unchanged – before us is a calculator that counts the dropped points.

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